Campaign Highlights Role of Cortavance in the Treatment of Skin Conditions

Virbac Product Manager, Vicky Standen

A new campaign has been launched by Virbac to highlight the benefits of Cortavance®, a topical corticosteroid spray for the treatment of pruritic dermatoses in dogs.  The campaign, themed ‘The art of skin treatment’ aims to remind veterinary staff to consider topical, non-systemic therapies for the treatment of certain pruritic skin conditions.

Cortavance contains HCA (hydrocortisone aceponate), the first specific dermocorticoid (a glucocorticosteroid which acts only on the skin) to be used in veterinary medicine.  Studies show that HCA is up to 60 times more potent than hydrocortisone¹.  The recommended dosage of Cortavance is achieved with two pumps of the hand pump spray per 10cm square of affected skin, over up to a third of  a dog’s body, once a day for seven consecutive days and then up to 70 days following risk assessment.

According to Virbac, as it acts only in the skin, there is no transdermal absorption at dose level and Cortavance has no known incompatibilities or side effects so can be used either as a monotherapy or in conjunction with other medication.  It says that the spray application has been designed for ease-of-use, enabling a highly targeted application.

Paul Sands BSc  BVetMed Cert VD MRCVS, Partner at Pride Veterinary Centre in Derby, says:   “I use Cortavance in patients with pruritic inflamed skin where infection is not a major component.  I have found it particularly effective in treating the insides of ear flaps, feet and on abdomens/axillae. It is highly efficacious with a rapid onset of effect and lack of systemic effects which, I believe, makes it safer for patients.”

Vicky Standen, Product Manager at Virbac, adds:  “Treating a skin condition is an art form in itself.  Each case is different and monitoring recovery, and the management of flare ups forms part of the long-term care plan that should be considered when choosing the most effective product for the pet – and the owner.

“Cortavance has proved popular since its launch seven years ago but we wanted to remind vets that it is not only a solution for ‘hot spots’ and that its speed of action and excellent acceptance make it a useful addition to the range of therapeutic options for the treatment of skin conditions.”

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