Cattle farmers’ new TB Advisory Service opens for business


The new TB Advisory Service for farmers, announced in September, opened for business at the Dairy Show, Shepton Mallett.

Cattle farmers in High Risk and Edge Areas of England can now register for the service by telephone and email (details below). Over the next three years, eligible farmers can receive an advisory visit to their farm with the service’s bTB specialists provided by ADAS, Kingshay and Westpoint Farm Vets, all at no cost to the farmer.

For farmers with specific questions about bTB, a telephone advice service is also available.

The TB Advisory Service aims to help maximise farm biosecurity and minimise risks associated with cattle movements, according to technical director, vet Phil Elkins. “There are many practical ways to reduce risks or impact of bTB,” he says.

“On a bTB-free unit, advice will focus on helping keep it that way. For farms under bTB-restrictions, guidance will include trading options and steps to prevent repeated re-infection. On every farm, the advice will be specific to that business and its unique local environment.”

Funding from Defra through the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) is geared to enabling advisory visits to 2,400 farms.

Farmers in High Risk and Edge Areas of England can register by e-mail,, or telephone, 01306 779410. More information is available at