Chanelle launches versatile veterinary anaesthetic

Ketamidor 100 mg/ml Solution for Injection

Chanelle has launched Ketamidor® 100 mg/ml Solution for Injection in the UKand Ireland. With ketamine as the active ingredient, the new product provides a versatile addition to anaesthetic regimes. Able to be used in combination with  other widely used anaesthetics and sedatives, Ketamidor® 100 mg/ml Solution for Injection also has analgesic properties that make it particularly beneficial to include in  anaesthetic protocols when carrying out painful surgical procedures.

Ketamidor® 100mg/ml Solution for Injection can be used in cattle and pigs and has a zero day withdrawal period for milk and meat, allowing high welfare standards to be maintained without compromising economic returns. After 50 years of tried and trusted use of ketamine in human and veterinary medicine, it is now experiencing a resurgence of interest as the analgesic properties and minimal impact on spontaneous respiration becomes increasingly appreciated.1

Angela Wilkin is Chanelle UK Sales and Marketing Manager, “Ketamidor® makes a great addition to our portfolio of pain management products. Our territory managers are looking forward to speaking to those vets who are already accustomed to using ketamine and those that may be considering adding it to their current protocols.”

Ketamidor® 100 mg/ml Solution for Injection contains ketamine hydrochloride. Legal categoryUK: POM-V

Vm 22080/4004

For full contraindications and warnings please refer to the product SPC

IRELANDVPA NO. 10801/006/001

VPO Veterinary Practioner Only

Use Animal Medicines Responsibly

For further information contact Chanelle Vet UK, 1st Floor , Freemans House, 127 High Street, Hungerford, Berkshire, RG17 0DL, Tel 07979 353104 Email


  1. Pai, A. and Heining, M. Ketamine. Continuing Education in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain. Volume 2 Number 2 2007