Critical Care Of Renal Issues In Cats


Senior cats present regularly in practice with renal issues. It is inevitable that feline patients who are suffering from kidney disease will require intervention at some point, some owners notice the signs early on, but others may be less obvious and the cat may decline rapidly. The challenge in practice is to manage a cat who may be stressed, dehydrated and depressed, to ensure they are stable and best support renal function. For some cats, there may be no option but to find an appropriate way to manage an unwell cat at home.

In November, Berlio, a male British Shorthair, was presented to Vet Greta Van de Sompel with anorexia, lethargy and anaemia. Taking bloods, the results revealed the cat was suffering renal issues with a profile of

  • HCT 22 (28-52)
  • Urea 252 mg/dl ( 10-70 mg/dl)
  • Creatinine 3.71 mg/dl(0.5-1.6)

Naturally the first line of treatment would be admission for IV fluid therapy, but the owner was hesitant as the cat did not respond well in the clinic and would become more unwell. The owner, having been a nurse herself, was able to administer antibiotics, anti-emetics and subcutaneous fluids. After 4 days of treatment, Berlio took a turn for the worse and the owner rang the clinic asking them to visit as they felt he was dying. With all further options exhausted, Greta suggested offering the cat Oralade. Starting with dropping onto the tongue with a syringe, the owner and Greta were absolutely stunned when Berlio sat and spontaneously drank from a bowl of Oralade. A short time later, he stood, and went to use his litter tray. 

Offered Oralade daily, Berlio went from strength to strength. Three months passed and Berlio, although obviously an old cat with arthritis and managing renal failure, is still keeping his owner busy and enjoy life to the full. Greta visited Macahl Animal Health at the London Vet Show and told us his story. “Berlio is without doubt alive today because of Oralade” She told us, “I now keep Oralade in my practice and find it a unmissable tool in the recovery of very ill patiënts”Oralade is available from all Veterinary wholesalers in 500ml bottles and new Oralade Cat. If your practice has not yet tried it, email Alison, (, Marketing Manager for Macahl Animal Health, to arrange a free trial.