CVS Launches MiVetClub

CVS UK Ltd has launched a buying group which enables independently-owned practices to benefit from the knowledge, experience and strength of the 250 practices which form CVS.  Called MiVetClub, it offers a range of services to members including:

  • competitive discounts on a wide range of veterinary products and services
  • business support and management expertise
  •  access to CPD and other training resources

Commenting on the launch of MiVetClub, Ms Sara Armitage, Director of Product and Buying at CVS, said:  “There are many thriving independent practices out there which have the potential to be even more successful if they just had the time and expertise to negotiate better deals and had access to the business resources and support to help them run their practices more efficiently and cost-effectively.

That’s where MiVetClub can help.  CVS’ stature in the veterinary sector means that we can negotiate the very best discounts and rebates for the group’s members.  But MiVetClub isn’t just about saving money.  It’s also about helping independent practices raise clinical standards and run better businesses.  MiVetClub experts are constantly on-hand to advise members on all aspects of running their practice, freeing up their time to concentrate on what they do best, caring for their patients.”

CVS UK Ltd is the largest and fastest-growing corporate veterinary group in the UK.  Founded in 1999, it employs more than 2,300 staff at its veterinary practices and surgeries across the UK and in its related veterinary businesses, including an online pharmacy, two pet crematoriums and six veterinary laboratories.

Key to its success is CVS’ ability to attract ambitious veterinary staff and to invest in their clinical skills, knowledge and in research to drive the profession forward.  It also provides the business support to ensure its diverse range of small animal, large animal and equine practices achieve their full potential.  CVS works in close partnership with the wider veterinary profession and industry colleagues.