CVS Supports WVS Nepal Relief Effort

CVS has thrown its weight behind the Nepal earthquake relief appeal by supporting Worldwide Veterinary Service’s (WVS’) efforts to deliver emergency veterinary medical supplies to the country.  The company is donating a significant volume of product, including anaesthetics and consumables, such as bandages.

WVS provides veterinary resources to help animal welfare charities and not-for-profit organisations around the world.  CVS is the UK’s largest and fastest-growing corporate veterinary practice.

Marketing and Commercial Manager Barry Brackner said:  “We’ve all been shocked by the terrible loss of life and suffering the earthquake has caused both in Nepal and beyond.  We already work closely with WVS and, as many of the affected people rely on their animals, supporting the emergency teams it will shortly be sending to the region with vital supplies seemed the most effective way in which we could contribute quickly to the relief effort.”

Luke Gamble, CEO, WVS, added:  “While there is nothing good about disasters and tragedies, such as the Nepalese earthquake, the animal welfare community is phenomenal at coming together to help those in need.  The focus right now is on human aid efforts and they need maximum support but we also have a WVS vet team on the ground helping to coordinate efforts in Kathmandu and a brilliant coalition of animal welfare organisations is uniting to reach out to the rural areas and assist animals caught up in the disaster.

“Without the support of individuals, practices and groups such as CVS – none of this would be possible.  In addition to our team, we are sending regular aid parcels with medicines and equipment to help affected animals and the people who depend on them so much.  We¹ve also been inundated with offers of help from vets and vet nurses to go to Nepal and support animal rescue efforts for which we are hugely grateful.”

More information on the WVS disaster emergency response to Nepal is available at:

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