Dechra introduces larger size for Ketamine-based anaesthetic

Dechra Veterinary Products has launched a new 50ml bottle of its rapid acting dissociative anaesthetic, licensed for cats, dogs and horses, Anesketin.

Anesketin solution for injection, containing Ketamine 100mg/ml, is indicated for induction of anaesthesia. It is one of a range of products in Dechra’s portfolio, which includes Comfortan.

Dechras Brand Manager Craig Sankey said; “Anesketin has proved to be a very popular product in our range due to its versatility. It can be used in combination with appropriate sedatives and analgesic in cats, dogs, and horses for induction of anaesthesia.

“As it does not require any special temperature storage conditions it makes it a very portable product for vets on the move.”

He added: “we are very pleased to be able to add larger Anesketin product to our wide range of analgesics and sedatives. This demonstrates our commitments to offering high quality products that support vets in small animal and equine practice.”

The product can also be used as a sole agent for restraint and minor surgical procedures where muscle relaxation is not required in cats.

Anesketin is also available in 10ml vials.