Don’t throw away that unwanted computer

Vets attending BSAVA Congress in April are being urged to take along unwanted computer equipment and smartphones for use by veterinary professionals in Africa.

The African Small Companion Animal Network (AFSCAN) project has a drop off point at BSAVA for equipment including computers, laptops, servers, switches, smartphones, projectors, thin film transistor monitors, keyboards, mice and leads.

AFSCAN has teamed up with the charity Computers 4 Africa, which will refurbish the equipment and ship it to Africa. The kit should be less than eight years old, with chargers as needed .

While organisations, such as BSAVA, have collaborated to provide access online resources targeted to practitioners in developing countries, AFSCAN says this isn’t enough on its own. “there is also a need for many practitioners to have access to computer hardware with the capacity to access the internet based material,” the spokesman said.

“For example, the AFSCAN project board visited the veterinary school in Nairobi and discovered the entire student body has access to only three shared computers. “one immediate target will be to provide these bright students with additional computer resources.”