Dorwest helps vets prove pets can be happy in their skin this summer

With skin complaints consistently coming through as some of the top reasons for veterinary visits when the warmer weather approaches and dermatological dilemmas proving to be some of the most time consuming to conquer, summer can be very busy for vets! Dorwest Herbs, manufacturer of a multitude of licensed veterinary herbal medicines, is stepping in to help vets save pets from those mildly irritated summer skins with its ‘Happy in My Skin’ campaign, showcasing fantastic offers, prizes and advice.

As of the 19th of May, vets can get their hands on a hugely discounted Dorwest ‘Skin Product Pack’, containing Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets and Mixed Vegetable Tablets, a technical information sheet for vets plus a variety of display materials to help vets aid communication with their clients about skin (skin leaflets and skin poster). In celebration of its launch, their brand new Oatmeal Advance Shampoo, which is scientifically formulated with optimal neutral pH for skin soothing and effective coat cleansing, is also included in the offer – and all for just £64.90. That’s a massive 40% discount and represents a RRP of £129.70 offering some serious profit potential!

Oatmeal Advance Shampoo is made without any artificial additives or controversial surfactants sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate (SLEs) that can produce skin irritation. It makes a great choice for everyday cleaning, whether it’s washing off sand or calming those mild itches. 

With proven anti-inflammatory1, anti-histamine2 and anti-septic properties3, both the Garlic & Fenugreek and Mixed Vegetable Tablets can be given together to increase the synergistic effect when tackling symptomatic skin complaints. The offer for the super ‘Skin Product Packs’ runs between 19th May – 13th June and can be ordered direct from Dorwest by calling 01308 897272, faxing 01308 897929 or emailing

Facebook is also focusing on skin this summer, with Dorwest’s fabulous #happyinmyskinselfie photo competition to find the pet who epitomises everything about being ‘Happy In My Skin’. Dorwest isn’t looking for the handsomest hound or cutest cat but if you know a pet that is perfectly content in themselves, submit their best ‘selfie’ photo to the Dorwest Facebook page ( The top shot will win a wonderful dog-friendly weekend break to T’yr Gof courtesy of Under the Thatch and ten runners-up will receive an awesome ‘Happy in My Skin’ goodie bag. The competition kicks off on May the 19th and will run until June the 13th, so get snapping!

Summer should be a carefree time that all pets ought to enjoy without the suffering that skin disease can inflict. Join Dorwest on its mission to help pet owners wave goodbye to warm weather woes and say hello to happy summer skin, for every cat and dog.

Visit e-mail or phone 01308-897272 for information or advice about all Dorwest products.



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