Elsevier Dental Modules Now Offered at Vetacademy

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The new ‘Small Animal Dentistry Core Principles’ course from Elsevier is now available from Vetacademy (www.vetacademy.co.uk).   Covering topics including oral anatomy and physiology; the oral and dental examination and tooth extraction techniques, the complete Elsevier course contains six modules, providing a comprehensive overview of veterinary dental care in small animals.  Each module contains approximately 50 interactive screens, including self-assessment questions leading to a personalised CPD certificate.

Vetacademy is the online CPD service from leading online veterinary content supplier Vetstream and offers a ‘one stop shop’ for CPD with learning available either through online modules on an e-learning platform or via an online video player.  Courses are offered on a pay as you go basis to offer maximum flexibility.

For those keen to build their knowledge on a specific topic, Vetacademy offers more than 100 clinical and non-clinical modules, enabling them to study a topic in detail, refer to other information resources and answer questions to quantify their understanding.  For those wanting to learn in a more relaxed way, it offers more than 150 videos of techniques and presentations.


Snapshot of the Elsevier Dentistry site

Snapshot of the Elsevier Dentistry site

Managing Director of Vetstream Dr G Mark Johnston MRCVS comments:  “With the increasing demands of life in practice, keeping their knowledge current is a constant challenge for veterinary professionals and many are now looking to online learning as a more convenient approach.

Vetacademy aims to provide a service that is flexible, user friendly and which brings together best of breed distance learning materials from a range of CPD providers.  It’s already the access point to the widest range of veterinary CPD in the UK and, uniquely, it offers access to respected reference tools Vetstream Canis, Equis, Lapis and Felis.

We’re delighted to offer the new Elsevier dental modules in addition to its existing modules on ‘Small Animal Emergency Medicine’ and ‘Compliance.’“

A demonstration video can be viewed here: http://www.vetacademy.co.uk/modules/provider/elsevier/elsevier-demonstration.shtml

Three free one hour trials are available here: www.vetacademy.co.uk/free-trial.

For more information on Vetacademy, visit www.vetacademy.co.uk or contact Jessica Debnam on 01223 895843 or at jessica.debnam@vetstream.com.