Exclusive support only available with Epiphen®

Vétoquinol, manufacturer of Epiphen, the No.1 anti-epileptic phenobarbital for the control of epilepsy in dogs* highlights the support available exclusively for Epiphen clients.

Vétoquinol has an extensive range of client literature available as well as over 17 years experience and knowledge in the industry. They offer an ‘Ask the Expert’ helpline providing valuable support for your challenging epilepsy cases. This service enables Epiphen veterinary customers to speak to one of our technical team and if further advice is recommended, the enquiry will be passed on to a neurology specialist at The Animal Health Trust in Newmarket, where Vetoquinol sponsor a Neurology clinician.

Abbie King, Product Manager for Epiphen, explains: ‘’Our ‘Ask the Expert’ helpline is a successful service that has been running for several years. 30% of the calls to Vetoquinol’s technical team relate to this challenging condition meaning there are few queries our technical team have not tackled before. If extra help is necessary we have an excellent working relationship with The Animal Health Trust and regularly refer cases to them for further advice. We are very proud of this service and are delighted to be able to continue to provide this helpline for our Epiphen clients.’’

Free phenobarbital serum testing vouchers are available; and are dispatched automatically with your orders of Epiphen from your wholesaler. There are also new owner envelopes for your clients to be able take all their support items away in one pack (please quote 4909).

To use the ‘Ask the Expert’ please either phone 0800 1698197 or e-mail a summary of your case too epiphen@vetoquinol.co.uk .

To order or find out more about the support material available please contact 0800 1698197. If you would like to receive a starter pack of literature please quote ‘starter pack’ and we will send you a selection of items.

For more information please visit our website at www.vetoquinol.co.uk or www.epiphenonline.co.uk.

*Based on MAT of total veterinary sales of licensed drugs in the UK reported on GFK data December 2013.

Epiphen contains Phenobarbital. For use in the control of epilepsy in dogs. POM-V. Further information is available on request from: Vetoquinol, Vetoquinol House, Great Slade, Buckingham Industrial Park, Buckingham, MK18 1PA. Tel: 01280 825460. Email: office@vetoquinol.com. Website: www.vetoquinol.co.uk