Happy Hoppers Programme Offers Vets A Way To Grow Their Small Pet Sector

Two things that Supreme Petfoods is dedicated to are making sure that small pet owners receive the best pet care advice and supporting vets in their role as healthcare providers and advisors. These two driving forces have led to the creation of the Happy Hoppers programme – an innovation that brings vets and small pet owners together. Through the provision of bespoke vouchers, the programme will drive clients to vets, improve healthcare and increase awareness of and desire for veterinary services available to small pet owners. All vets have to do to jump on board is sign up as a Happy Hoppers outlet with their local area representative. Registration will also allow the practice to automatically take part in Supreme’s annual Think Rabbit Month campaign this spring.

A regular e-newsletter keeps pet owning Happy Hoppers Club members bang up to date with the very best in small furry pet care advice, encouraging the uptake of veterinary services such as vaccination and neutering. Because it is written by vets, the advice on offer aims to reiterate and strengthen key small pet healthcare messages about important topics like diet, husbandry and avoiding common diseases. A regular outlet e-newsletter makes sure that vets that have signed up are kept in the loop about all the latest Happy Hopper programme updates. Also providing some brilliant marketing and retailing tips, the advice in this e-newsletter will ensure that vets can make the most of this fantastic opportunity to engage with the three million small pet owners in the UK.

Keeping vets in regular contact with their small pet owning clients – new and existing, the Happy Hoppers programme is an excellent way to build that holy grail of continued success – loyalty. Every pet owner that a vet signs up receives pet product vouchers that are only redeemable at Happy Hoppers outlets. With an active desire to purchase premium products, including food, bedding and other pet sundries, these clients will visit again and again to take advantage of all the special offers. Regular delivery of these vouchers to pet owners, as well as special event offers mean that the footfall will be heavy year round too. The more clients sign up, the more benefits they and the practice will experience.

As small furry pet species become more and more popular in the UK and their owners become more clued up about making good healthcare choices, vets hold a key position in offering guidance, products and services to this group. By becoming a Happy Hopper outlet, vets can offer the millions of UK small pet owners something special and get something precious back in return – educated, engaged and loyal clients. Vets can find out more about signing up by calling Debbie Kibble on 01473 820089.