How clean is your practice?

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How clean is your practice

Screening of the practice environment,and potentially its personnel, is especially beneficial when used as part of an epidemiological investigation relating to recovery of a specific, often multi-drug resistant, or ‘uncommon’ bacterium from your patients: our microbiology laboratories monitor trends in the recovery of such organisms and will provide help and guidance regarding this.

Environmental screening can also be used to monitor the efficacy of your disinfection plan. The veterinary environment is not a sterile one and contamination with bacteria (opportunistic saprophytes as well as pathogens) is quite common. Cleaning with disinfectants, whilst designed to reduce the risk of nosocomial infection, is not guaranteed to deliver sterility.

Our Environmental Screening Package will provide you with the materials required to perform the sampling, presampling advice, should you require it, about when, where and how to collect the samples, and a detailed report, providing you with information about the number and types of bacteria, yeasts and moulds recovered, and their relevance.

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