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SIC or STC ordering

How to Order a SIC or STC?

A suitable veterinary (VMP) or human medicinal product may not always be available, or authorised in the UK to treat a range of animals and / or diseases. Import certificates are issued by the VMD to maintain a full audit trail of medicinal products permitted to enter the UK for veterinary use.

The Special Import Scheme has been created to enable you to obtain products, which you need to treat animals under your care.


Can NVS supply my SIC or STC?

A WDIC is needed when NVS imports and hold medicinal products that are then supplied to the holder of an SIC or STC. The WDIC holder should be in possession of the SIC / STC before supplying the product to the named vet. NVS currently hold licenses for a number of products if you are placing an order for a product for the first time please call to ask if we have it available.


How to apply?

More information and details of how to order can be found on the VMD website.


How do I place an order?

Once you have received your SIC/STC from the VMD please send your certificate and required quantity to the Orderline Team on fax 01782 783666 or e-mail  

On receipt, your certificate will be checked, processed and delivered with your next order.


NB: For your order to be processed promptly ensure that the Schedule of Particulars in Section 1 Name and address of proposed imported is completed with National Veterinary Services Ltd name and address details otherwise your order cannot be processed.

If you have any queries regarding the SIC/STC process, please contact the Orderline Team on 01782 775555

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