Important Information on BUSTER tablet introducer, soft 10/pk, 273093


The soft tip BUSTER tablet introducer is a product designed for easy application of tablets to animals.

Unfortunately, we have experienced that the soft tip may, in rare cases, loosen itself from the introducer and accidentally be ingested by the animal, in some cases leading to subsequent surgical removal of the tip.

The product is designed and marked as a “single use product”, i.e. it is not designed for multiple use over a long period of time.

The issues with the loose tips are due to repeated use; dishwashing; and/or disinfection of the tablet introducer over a period of months or even years.

We have decided to remove all stocks of the BUSTER tablet introducer and withdraw the prod-uct from the market. Our products must never harm animals, even if caused by
unintended use.

We are working on developing a new version of the soft tip BUSTER tablet introducer.

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