International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care Heads to London to Talk End-of-Life Support for Pets

The London Vet Show this year will be featuring lecture topics on the latest trend in veterinary medicine from the United States.  Animal hospice and advanced end-of-life care will be presented for the first time in the UK by Dr. Kathleen Cooney, President of the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care (IAAHPC).

“I am thrilled to see the excitement and thirst for learning when it comes to this topic of animal hospice,” quoted Dr. Kathy Cooney, the IAAHPC’s 2015 President.  “Bringing the concept of better end-of-life care to the UK is right on point with the times.  American families have been asking for more options for their pets during the dying process and veterinarians are taking notice.  British families love their pets like family too so it’s time to share what we’ve learned and bring UK vets up to date. Our organization is growing in British membership already.”  Dr. Susan Gregersen, a mobile veterinarian practicing in Sussex, helped bring this important topic to London this year after attending the last three IAAHPC conferences in the USA.  She owns Vets2Home – a euthanasia, palliative and hospice specialty service offering 24/7 care.

The IAAHPC has been growing in membership since its creation in 2009.  At over 350 members, it is the fastest growing veterinary organization of its kind.  “Animal hospice and providing good quality care at the end of life is nothing new,” says Dr. Cooney.  “What we are doing now is showing veterinary professionals and all members of a support team how to improve communication with clients and manage care better for the dying pet.”

Animal Hospice and Palliative Care includes:

  • Individualized end of life care planning
  • Client education about disease
  • Euthanasia services – in the home or at the clinic
  • Hospice-supported natural death options
  • Pain management and other non-curative care
  • Pet loss support
  • Body aftercare such as cremation or burial assistance

The goal of the London Vet Show talks is to introduce UK’s veterinary profession to new ideas and start dialogue about current end-of-life options.  Much of what will be discussed can be immediately applied into service for the betterment of the British animal-loving community.

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