Join the Great Fibre Revival with Supreme Savings!


Supreme Petfoods Ltd is delighted to announce a special offer for practice staff as part of its ‘Great Fibre Revival’ campaign for Rabbits. Supreme’s Selective Science diet contains HIGH fibre and NO added sugar, the optimal combination for maintaining dental and digestive health in rabbits. A 5kg bag of Selective is now exclusively available to vets, nurses and lay staff to feed their own pets at a large discount, direct from their wholesaler.


Supreme’s Selective diet is composed of 25% fibre, matching that of the rabbits’ natural diet, grass which has a fibre content of 20-25%. Unlike some other brands, Selective contains no added sugar, such as molasses, fruit pulp or syrup, which can predispose to over eating, obesity and dental problems. In a recent survey at London Vet Show in November 2012, 100% of vets said they would recommend Selective for rabbits over the market leader, based on nutritional composition alone. As Claire Hamblion, product manager of Selective at Supreme Petfoods explained, “It is a great accolade to have vets and vet nurses recommend your product and to use it for their own pets. We hope that by providing practitioners with an opportunity to try the Selective recipe and see the results for themselves, they can make an informed decision about which rabbit food to stock and confidently recommend to their clients”.


So for all the rabbit owning veterinary staff out there, now is the time to sample the Supreme Selective diet for rabbits, with its highly recommendable recipe. Contact your veterinary wholesaler and take advantage of the special discount available now. Make a saving, try for yourself and join the great fibre revival for rabbits!


Contact your wholesaler for further details of the Selective Science 5kg practice staff offer.