Junior Vet Club Launched by Pets ‘n’ Vets

A Junior vet club has been launched by the Pets ‘n’ Vets Family network of veterinary practices.

Established for the younger family members of clients of its practices in and around Glasgow, the Junior Vet Club offers a free programme of fun and educational events about pet care and health at its flagship Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital.

Pets ‘n’ Vets Family partner Oliver Jackson said: “The Junior Vet Club is important way for us to give something back to our community by helping to teach children to become better pet owners at an early age.”

“While petting zoos can be appealing, our club will take that idea further – so, rather than children coming to play with rabbits and other furry animals, they will also learn about husbandry and how we deal with some medical problems.”

“The intention is the club will lead into our long-established ‘pixie programme’, whereby children from 14 years old can help out in the veterinary practice on a regular basis – an increasingly important step to getting into vet school. I started here while at school before progressing to vet school and returning to Pet ‘n’ Vets for work experience.”

Mr Jackson feels the club could link up with schools to offer on-site tutorials on biology, anatomy and physiology. 

“Our Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital opened last year with the aim of becoming a place for the local community to learn about pet health and care,” he said,

“Rather than selling collars, leads and pet food, we’ve created a space designed specifically for learning, teaching and hosting groups of children of all ages.”

For more details about the club, visit www.petsnvets.org/juniorvetclub.php