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26th November 2015

 Dear Customer

 On behalf of AWVP*, please find attached a letter from your Veterinary Wholesaler which outlines two important changes to controlled drugs legislation.

From 30th November 2015, in accordance with the Home Office, and in conjunction with the Department of Health and the VMD, a mandatory requisition form must now be used by all healthcare and veterinary professionals when purchasing stocks of Schedule 2 and Schedule 3 Controlled Drugs. Your own wholesaler’s controlled drug requisition form cannot be accepted after this date.

Secondly, the letter explains that from 30th November 2015, Ketamine will be reclassified as Schedule 2 Controlled Drug from Schedule 4. Ketamine must be ordered using the new mandatory requisition form and process from this date.

We hope that the following letter explains everything you need to know in regards to these changes, further information can be found at, or please contact your Veterinary Wholesaler.

Yours faithfully

 Martin Riley

Chairman, AWVP


*    The Association of Wholesalers to the Veterinary Profession (AWVP) is an industry association that includes National Veterinary Services Limited, Henry Schein (Dunlops), Centaur Services and Veterinary Supply Company Ltd.



Controlled Drugs Form Ketamine Reclassification


Controlled Drugs Form Ketamine Reclassification


Controlled Drugs List


Controlled Drugs List