Launch of The British Mobile Veterinary Association (BMVA)

British Mobile Veterinary Association Logo The launch of the non-profit British Mobile Veterinary Association (BMVA) will take place in connection with the 2015 London Vet Show and include an inaugural general meeting (AGM) followed by a networking dinner with special guest, mobile vet colleague, author, LVS speaker and IAAHPC President, Dr. Kathy Cooney, DVM (USA).

“Having been a mobile vet for ten years, I am thrilled to see such a massive year-on-year increase in new mobile practices around the UK over the past 10 years and it seems a logical step to organise the growing number of colleagues operating this rather atypical and alternative practice model in an official Association”, says Co-Founder Susan Gregersen, MRCVS and practice owner since 2005 of Vets2Home – Peaceful Pet Goodbyes.

“It is our hope, through the BMVA and the online directory of mobile member practices, that we can help raise awareness among pet owners and vet colleagues alike about the valuable and high standard of services we offer to pets and their owners in their own home” says Amy Bergs, MRCVS, owner of The Cat Doctor in Surrey and the other Co-Founder.

 “Offering veterinary health care to our patients in their own home, whenever possible, is a natural progression in a convenience-driven society and where companion animals are now regarded as fully fledged family members seeking only the very best in veterinary attention and health care. Demand for these services are clearly exploding as many owners now turn to dedicated, un-hurried and convenient services such as those offered by personal, flexible mobile vets and as comprehensive services are often offered in collaboration with local, forward-thinking full-service practices” says Susan, who is an in-home hospice and euthanasia vet herself.

Amy, who is a cat-only mobile vet in her third year, adds, “Providing quality at-home veterinary care is rewarding but not always easy, often requiring skills and techniques that can only be gained through experience. The ability to exchange and build professional knowledge in this developing, niche area is therefore invaluable and we hope all mobile vet colleagues in the UK will join us in this new initiative. By bringing together many like-minded individuals into an official association and online mobile vet directory, we aim to increase awareness of this alternative type of veterinary care – a goal which will benefit not only our members but also the patients and clients that appreciate our services”, Amy finishes.