Lintbells creates excitement about calming at BVNA Congress

Lintbells YuCALM Range

At this year’s BVNA Congress, there’s plenty to get excited about as natural supplements company Lintbells launches its latest product YuCALM Dog. The new supplement offers an effective way to help reduce stress, allowing dogs to feel happier and calmer. Vet nurses are being asked to share their experiences of pet behaviour problems by taking part in a survey on the Lintbells stand E1. In return, they will receive a YuCALM Goodie Bag.

Lintbells Marketing Executive Gemma Cunningham says the survey will help the company understand practice needs, “Vet nurses are often the first port of call for clients who are having problems with their pets’ training or behaviour. We’re interested in the issues nurses are observing and the kind of support they would like to be able to provide to pet owners.”

The company has already produced some high quality support materials for practices including an educational guide which helps owners understand why dogs become stressed and nervous and how this can escalate and manifest as undesirable behaviour. While visiting the stand vet nurses will have the opportunity to browse through what’s available and talk about their approach to behaviour cases with the Lintbells Veterinary team.

Because practice life can be stressful for veterinary teams too, there are free travel mugs to take away with some calming Chamomile tea bags so RVNs can treat themselves to a restful brew.

Goodies and giveaways are just some of the reasons that vet nurses will want to make a bee-line for the bright, new stand featuring Lintbells updated branding. There will also be a chance to sign up for a series of three FREE webinars on pet behaviour. Each will be around an hour long and a certificate is provided. Vets or nurses wishing to attend the Pet Behaviour Series of webinars but who can’t make it to congress can also register – for further information visit

About Lintbells

For Lintbells, every product starts with a pet in need. Based in Weston in Hertfordshire, Lintbells researches, formulates and sells high quality, innovative supplements that aim to improve the lives of dogs, cats and horses. It’s a commitment the company takes very seriously and has resulted in products that support skin and coat condition, digestive health and joint care.

Established in 2006 by John Howie and John Davies, Lintbells has a strong focus on scientific validation of its products, working with experts such as the Royal Veterinary College and New Zealand’s Marlborough Research Centre. But it doesn’t stop with the science because helping pets is at the core of the business.

At all levels of the Lintbells’ organisation there’s a realisation that collectively, everyone has a responsibility to help keep pets healthy and happy by providing effective, high quality, pet supplements at affordable prices. 

And it seems those efforts are increasingly appreciated by pets and their people. By the end of 2015, 50 million YuMOVE tablets had been sold to pet owners in more than 15 countries.