Lintbells says a pet needn’t be a show dog to be a Crufts winner

Black labrador retriever

The Lintbells brand is going from strength to strength and now the team are off to Crufts with the aim of giving pets a healthy makeover. While many will go to the event to gaze upon doggy perfection, Lintbells is reminding pet owners that Crufts also represents a great opportunity to improve the health of their pet.

Lintbells’ veterinary advisers will be on hand at the event to give help and advice and the company says that it is aiming to ensure that even those dogs that have stayed at home can be winners.

Living with a pet every day sometimes means becoming blind to small changes in their behaviour or appearance. At Lintbells dedicated Mobility Corner there’s an opportunity for pet owners to discuss concerns and receive a recommendation to improve and maintain the health of the pet.

The Lintbells team will be using the show as a great opportunity to help pet owners understand how supplements can be used to enhance pet health, especially mobility. There will be lots of educational material to take away, creating demand from future consumers.

Around one in five dogs are experiencing mobility problems at any one time. Pet owners are increasingly turning to supplements to support their pet’s mobility and many choose Lintbells’ YUMOVE, which is now the fastest growing joint supplement for dogs* and cats in the UK.

James Howie, Lintbells’ Veterinary Director explains how the company can help, “Dogs that haven’t qualified to be there can’t come along to Crufts but we’ll be asking pet owners to reflect on their pet’s mobility and by asking the right questions we should be able to identify whether that mobility, and therefore healthy, active life, can be improved. It’s important the pets that need veterinary attention are sent to their practice to follow up any concerns and those that could benefit from supplements will receive a custom recommendation and stockist information.”

James says that Crufts is much more than an event just for elite show dogs, “Like most vets, there’s nothing better than a healthy, happy pet in my eyes and that’s what we can help make happen at Crufts this year. A loved family pet that’s full of vitality will always be a winner to me.”

There’s no need to book an appointment, vets or retailers can just pop over to the stand in Hall 2 to discuss how Lintbells can benefit their practice or store.

* VetTrak Sales Data, MAT Values (December 2015)


About Lintbells

For Lintbells, every product starts with a pet in need. Based in Weston in Hertfordshire, Lintbells researches, formulates and sells high quality, innovative supplements that aim to improve the lives of dogs, cats and horses. It’s a commitment the company takes very seriously and has resulted in products that support skin and coat condition, digestive health and joint care.

Established in 2006 by John Howie and John Davies, Lintbells has a strong focus on scientific validation of its products, working with experts such as the Royal Veterinary College and New Zealand’s Marlborough Research Centre. But it doesn’t stop with the science because helping pets is at the core of the business.

At all levels of the Lintbells’ organisation there’s a realisation that collectively, everyone has a responsibility to help keep pets healthy and happy by providing effective, high quality, pet supplements at affordable prices.

And it seems those efforts are increasingly appreciated by pets and their people. By the end of 2015, 50 million YuMOVE tablets had been sold to pet owners in more than 15 countries.