Local Vet Treating Injured Seal thanks Asda and Tesco for Donations of Fresh Fish!

An injured eight month old seal called Primrose Possum has been released safely back into the North Sea after receiving treatment for an infected eye at local vets St Clair.  Vet Rory Thomson who treated her described her as a ‘very well behaved patient’ and thanked local supermarkets Asda and Tesco for the supplies of fresh fish they donated to keep her well fed during her recovery.

Rory Thomson is a volunteer Marine Mammal medic for the British Diver and Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) charity and was called to help Primrose when she was found lying on Blyth beach on 3 April.  A volunteer medic called to check her noted that there was something wrong with her right eye and arranged for her to be taken to a vet in North Shields for initial treatment.  She was then transported to St Clair in Blyth on 8 April.

“When I examined her, I could see that her right eye was enlarged and cloudy,” explained Rory.  “I began a course of treatment and arranged for a veterinary ophthalmologist to exam it.  Sadly he determined that it was blind but seals can manage perfectly well with one eye and, once I’d treated the infection. It was no longer causing her pain.  We released her back into the sea on 15 April at St Mary’s Lighthouse where BDMLR volunteer medics can watch over her for the first few weeks.”

He added:  “Seals can be aggressive when on land so we had to be careful but Primrose was generally very well behaved and enjoyed free run of our isolation facility.  During her stay she devoured more than 2.5 kg of fresh fish every day – with whole fresh herring and mackerel her favourite.  We are grateful to Asda and Tesco for providing much of this for us free of charge.  Now that she’s recovered, we hope she’ll live a long and happy life, most of it under the sea!”

St Clair Veterinary Care is based at 37-39 Croft Road in Blyth and can be contacted on 01670 457271.  More information on the work of British Diver and Marine Life Rescue is available at www.bdmlr.org.uk.