Cambridge Judge Business School MBA Students Explore Telemedicine Opportunities for Vetstream

MBA Students Explore Telemedicine Opportunities for vetstream A team of MBA students from the Cambridge Judge Business School has just completed a research project into the opportunity for telemedicine in the veterinary sector on behalf of Vetstream.  The team carried out the project following Vetstream’s  successful application to be a host company for the Cambridge Venture Project (CVP),  an integral part of the Cambridge MBA course, during which a team of students is assigned to work with a company to estimate the potential market for a new product or service.

Vetstream provides digital services to the veterinary profession and has recently grouped its well-known services into three ranges: ‘Treat’, ‘Learn’ and ‘Communicate’.  They combine, the company says, to offer  ‘TLC’ to  the veterinary profession.   Host companies for the CVP were  selected following the submission of proposals in September 2015 with research carried out during October and November.  More than 120 practices contributed to the study conducted on behalf of Vetstream with the results reported back in December 2015.

Dr G Mark Johnston MRCVS, Managing Director of Vetstream, said:  “Being accepted as a host company for CVP gave us the opportunity to work with a team of high calibre Cambridge business students who had, between them, a wide variety of business experience and strong market analysis skills.  The very detailed research they have produced supports our own view of the potential benefits of telemedicine to the veterinary professional globally and we have exciting plans to develop our service offering in this area.”

Vetstream’s services, grouped under the ‘TLC’ banner, include:


Vetlexicon is the world’s largest online clinical veterinary reference tool, offering comprehensive, peer-reviewed digital point-of-care information on the veterinary treatments of dogs, cats, rabbits and horses.  Accessible 24/7 on any internet-enabled device, it is a unique expert resource available to practices, which is trusted, updated and reviewed by more than 900 of the world’s leading veterinarians.


Vetacademy is Vetstream’s  user-friendly online platform, providing the whole practice team with the ability to search and select from more than 300 courses from the world’s leading training and CPD providers, including the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Medicine, the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) and Elsevier, all brought together in one place.


Vetstream’s Webpartner offers a suite of website design, online content and digital marketing services designed specifically for the veterinary profession.