Mission Rabies

At the recent Vet Trust Event NationWide Labs (NWL) were pleased to donate a Centrifuge to Mission Rabies, detailed below is information about the charity.


100 children die from rabies every day

We’re going to change that

60,000 people across the world suffer and die from rabies every year. 99% of cases are caused by dog bites. Rabies is 100% preventable. Vaccinating dogs prevents rabies in people and saves lives.

Children in low-income families in developing countries are most at risk. All over the world, unnecessary and painful deaths occur every day due to the continued spread of rabies. We’re going to stop it.


Mission Rabies Story

Mission Rabies was launched in September 2013 by experienced veterinarian Luke Gamble in response to the suffering he witnessed due to rabies in people and animals during his overseas work.

Mission Rabies is working to beat rabies through:

  • Running mass dog vaccination drives – reaching over 70% of the targeted dog population
  • Training local vets in surgical dog population control
  • Educating children and communities to prevent dog bites and fatalities
  • Increasing rabies surveillance to detect canine rabies cases and prevent further disease spread


Where we work

We work towards the elimination of rabies in world hotspots for the disease in Asia and Africa – where more than two thirds of all rabies deaths occur. Since our launch we have vaccinated more than 380,000 dogs and educated more than 630,000 children in our project sites.

In Asia – Our projects in India and Sri Lanka have shown that our model is effective and affordable. Our all-terrain mobile veterinary clinic hosts training courses for 80 vets every year – helping to keep stray populations low.

In Africa – Since 2015, we run comprehensive programmes in Malawi, Uganda and Tanzania, targeting communities at risk and protecting both human and animal lives.


Get Involved

Mission Rabies is about bringing people together to rid the world of this vicious disease.

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