Nurses day at BEVA Congress

A themed lecture day on caring for the hospitalised horse, designed for veterinary nurses, will be held at BEVA Congress on September 12.

The speakers will include Louise Southwood, Katherine King, Bonny Millar, Padraig Kelly, David Green, Rachel Conwell and Nicola Pusterla.

Subjects to be covered range from how to appraise a paper through nurse and intern theatre essentials in abdominal surgery and arthroscopic surgery to investigation of wounds.

A session on inpatient care will include management of the recumbent horse, care of acute and chronic starvation cases, dystocia and care of post parturient mare and atypical myopathy-masquerading as colic for years or an emerging disease.

Gemma Pearson will discuss dealing with the difficult and dangerous horses. Clare Scantlebury will look at horse owners approaches to equine health and the role of veterinary advice. The closing session will explore hospital techniques, including intravenous catheter placement, care and complications