National Veterinary Services 2011-2012 Karting Final

Date – 17th June 2012

Venue – Daytona Motosport Karting Circuit

First Second and Third places

The winners and runners up from the final pose on the podium.

A track that has in the past graced the presence of Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton. A circuit that has just over 1360m of track, comprising of 11 corners, some of which very technical and enough straight for that all important overtake. From the first leg taking place in Edinburgh in August 2011 followed by another 12 legs which were held all over the country, it was now down to one final race which would see one of the many competing teams take glory.

As the 12 teams gathered, there was once again banter shared amongst the drivers, which soon turned to competitive mode as each driver took there turn in the Honda 200cc single engine karts to try and achieve the best possible grid position in the qualifying stages. The stage was set, the sweat was dripping and the adrenalin was pumping as the first 12 drivers took to the track. The first corner took its first victims with a number of Karts crashing out as they fought for that all important front spot.

The day saw 12 teams of 4 battle it out over 2 hours, with each team pushing their karts to the max. On a number of occasions some drivers ended up with the sweet taste of old tyre as they found themselves ending up in the crash barriers. Once again the black flag reared its ugly head as a number of drivers, one team in particular couldn’t control their adrenalin and ended up in the pits on more than one occasion being lectured by the race marshals. Daytona kept the karts fuelled with Gasoline whilst NVS along with the sponsors kept the competitors fuelled on beef burgers, chicken burgers and sausages.

By the end of the 2 hour Le Mans style of racing the checkered flag was taken by the Nottingham Cheetahs who claimed the NVS 2011/ 2012 Karting Championships, who were Andrew Cooke and Henry Dove form Rutland Vet Group, plus members of NVS who filled in when part of the Rutland team couldn’t make it, although the prize was awarded to only the non-NVS drivers. Second place went to the Manchester Cheetahs, who all hailed from Lambert Leonard & May Vets, followed in third place by the Leeds Cheetah’s, who all belonged to Vets4Pets in Leeds. It was clear to see that the day was enjoyed by all those who attended.

Managing Director of NVS, Martin Riley said “It’s good to see some familiar faces from last year, but also some new teams and participants. It’s a great way to bring like-minded people together, away from the stresses of their daily jobs, where they can relax between adrenaline rushes whilst racing.”

“It’s a bit of fun for all of the team members and their supporters. Whatever their starting skill in kart racing, everybody improves during the day so participants go home satisfied and with a great sense of personal achievement.”

Julie Godwin, NVS Marketing Manager, adds “We are really pleased that this event has been well received for the 2nd year running.  Our plan is to do something similar for the 2012-2013 season, but with a twist – watch this space for further details.  A big thank you goes to ours sponsors – Agria Pet Insurance, Royal Canin, Pfizer Animal Health & Hills Pet Nutrition.”

Milton Keynes final

The race heats up!

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