NVS Managing Director Martin Riley greets the New Year with some insights for the industry

Martin Riley Managing Director of NVS

Martin Riley

While the weather outside may be slightly damp and depressing, we at NVS are very bright and enthusiastic about our future as we prepare for another year of unprecedented change in the veterinary market.Undoubtedly there will be continued challenges to businesses large and small and the veterinary practice will continue to be resilient but affected nevertheless.

At NVS we have developed new services, to help identify potential opportunities in the form of new information and technology platforms. So what will you see new from NVS? Whether you are an independent or a corporate practice we have new tools and services which we believe can make a difference to your business. Our Territory Managers have been working with our purchase information to provide benchmarking of best practice. Using benchmarking data and historical comparison it is possible to identify where effort can be placed to develop business in the future. One of the key questions that our TM’s are always asked is “How are they doing down the road” well now they can tell you not only locally how you are doing but regionally and nationally too.

It is sometimes difficult in tough economic times to justify investment in business, however, the changing requirements of our customers drive the continuation of investment at NVS. Key areas of continued development are product traceability, stock control and data supply to practices. The current advances in these areas are impressive and there is more to come. We are always keen to understand individual customer needs and always try to deliver on bespoke requests where possible.

We also continue to improve the efficiency of our operation at Stoke with significant investment made over the last 12 months in additional automated functionality, product profiling in the warehouse and operating procedures including health and safety considerations for the site. Further investment in these key areas are planned in the coming 12 months to provide extended services to our customers. Additionally, investment in stock control programs and purchase data is intended to enable us to work with you to reduce the stock in your practice and allow NVS to be your stock room!

Finally we are working hard to integrate our business efficiency, part of that is transparency in the data that we supply to you. The Territory Managers have more data at their disposal now than ever before, challenge them to show you!! I am confident that you will find some interesting insights into the future.