One-Day Courses from Improve Cover Emerging Areas of Veterinary Medicine


Following a successful launch in 2016, veterinary CPD provider Improve International has extended its range of one-day courses in emerging areas of veterinary medicine.  The courses are aimed at practitioners dealing with species other than companion animals.   They include:


Emergency Care of Alpacas (13 July, Sheffield)

This course covers the management of dystocia and other problems in the peri-parturient female and neonate, resuscitation, common congenital problems, the failure of passive immune transfer and septicaemia. First aid for orthopaedic emergencies and wound care is covered as is working up the colic patient and the neurological patient.


Diseases of Game Birds (20 June, Swindon; 5 September, Sheffield)

Aimed at ensuring that the veterinarian is able to deal with the demands of gamekeepers and game rearers, this course offers an overview of the industry and legislation, together with biosecurity and its application to wild birds.  It includes review of common disease processes and control of antibiotic usage with some applied alternatives to traditional methods.


First Aid for the Large Animal Vet (5 July, Swindon; 2 August, Sheffield)

This course is aimed at assisting large animal vets who may find themselves required to offer first aid to a colleague who has sustained injuries during a farm visit.  It provides advice on assessing emergency situations, recognising and treating fractures, carrying out artificial ventilations and chest compressions, controlling severe bleeding and dealing with burns and scalds.


The Approach to the Sick Hen (18 July, Swindon; 13 September, Sheffield)

Avian anatomy and the husbandry of the backyard flock are covered in this course, together with worming and vaccination advice, the approach to the sick hen and appropriate medication options.


Veterinary Care of Sheep (11 July, Swindon; 6 July, Sheffield) 

Covering the basics of best practice and flock health planning, this course provides practical advice on maximising lamb numbers, sheep lameness, controlling internal and external parasites and flock vaccination programmes.


Veterinary Care of Goats (10 July, Swindon)

This course covers the behavioural, nutritional and environmental needs of goats across all sectors, including pet, meat, pedigree and commercial dairy goats.  It also covers infectious diseases affecting goats in the UK, including diagnosis, treatment and control, in addition to disbudding, foot care and common surgical procedures.

Commenting, David Babington MRCVS, Managing Director of Improve, said:  “We introduced a number of one-day short courses in niche or emerging areas of veterinary medicine last year and have built on the range for 2017 to cover new species including chickens and goats.  Most of the courses are offered in venues in both the north and south of the UK.  We look forward to welcoming vets to these new courses this year.”

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Part of Benchmark Holdings Plc and based in Swindon, Improve International provides high quality CPD in a range of formats for veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, receptionists and practice managers to help them to develop their skills and knowledge, using a combination of review lectures, case-based discussion and where, applicable, hands-on practical sessions.