Osteoarthritis is the focus at ESVOT

The European Society of Veterinary Orthopaedics and Traumatology (ESVOT) will be focusing on osteoarthritis at one of its pre-congress symposia at its London conference from 8th to 10th September.

It will look at how pain is produced in this disease, understanding of treatment options, pain alleviating and disease modifying treatment strategies.

There will be presentations on the origins of Osteoarthritis pain, the measurement of pain using clinical metrology instruments, the placebo effect in canine and feline clinical studies, the cognitive effects of Osteoarthritis, the stages of Osteoarthritis, treatment decision making surgical prevention of Osteoarthritis, identifying current evidence for treatment efficacy, disease modification strategies, novel mono-clonal antibody strategies, novel drug strategies and cell-based therapeutic strategies, and novel intra-articular treatment,

For details go to ESVOT Congress