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Cold Chain Deliveries

NVS Cold Chain Delivery

Complete Cold Chains Deliveries:

National Veterinary Services (NVS) were the first veterinary wholesaler to fit refrigerated units in our vehicle fleet thus ensuring a complete cold chain environment between NVS and your business premises.

At each stage the product is stored in powered refrigeration units which keep them between 2°C-8°C, as required by the product licenses.


When we pick a cold chain product it is placed inside a plastic bag which clearly identifies to both NVS and your staff that the products need special handling.


The products are then placed in mobile powered refrigeration units which are used to transport the product to our satellite depots.

At the depot the products are then transferred to powered refrigeration units within our delivery vans.

When the cold chain products are delivered you are asked to sign to acknowledge  you have received them.

The products should then be immediately stored within your fridges at the required temperatures.


We will only accept return of cold chain products if they have been stored correctly at your premises. Our returns system has changed asking you to make the necessary written declaration. We ask for co-operation with this change to avoid any returns being refused.

Call NVS on 01782 770319 for more details or to arrange a Territory Manager visit.


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