Product Recall- Specific FDD-HY 2.5kg

A high moisture content was found in part of the batch of Specific FDD-HY 2.5kg with lot number 59292  and  expiry  date  14-10-2018. Due  to  this  fact,  the  stability  of  the  product  cannot  be guaranteed for the complete shelf life. This could result in the formation of off-flavors affecting the palatability and intake. It is important to state that there are no risks involved for cats who have already eaten this product.

It has been decided to recall the batch from the wholesaler and veterinary practices, therefore please contact all wholesalers and practices that this lot number has been supplied to and advise them to stop selling this specific lot number of FDD-HY.

We do not require the stock to be returned to Uldum on this occasion, it can be destroyed locally. Affected customers should of course be offered a refund.

FDD-HY with a different batch numbers available for distribution at the warehouse in Uldum

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please feelfree to contact either Mette Bruhn or Pia Sorensen in Uldum.

We apologies for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

Kind regards,

Mette Thulstrup Bruhn

Quality Responsible

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