Professional Paradox Over Rabbit Food Recommendation

Supreme Petfoods, makers of the widest range of vet-recommended foods for small furries, has announced the results of a survey held at the recent London Vet Show in November 2012. In a ‘double-blinded’ test, vets were shown the ingredients of two, un-named, top selling rabbit food brands, A and B and asked which one of them they would recommend. Remarkably 100% of vets said they would recommend product A over product B. However, it then transpired that only 19% of them currently stocked brand A at their practice which, as one respondent said, wasn’t a predictable outcome!

Product A was Supreme Science Selective Rabbit. Vets identified the product as having a superior nutritional profile partly on the basis of its particularly high fibre content of 25%, closely reflecting the fibre content of rabbits’ main natural food i.e. grass at 20-25% fibre. This recipe provides rabbits with a diet particularly well suited to their digestive systems, gut commensals and specialised dentition. Contrary to brand B, which contained molasses, the Supreme product contains no added sugar, in any form, in the food. Added sugar in the form of molasses, syrup or fruit pulp predisposes to overeating, obesity, and dental problems. One general practitioner who did stock the product at her practice commented “I actually feed my own rabbits on Selective. The commonest rabbit problem I see is dental disease and I really think Selective is great for both dental and digestive health, as well as being very palatable. I’m definitely convinced! I think once other vets realise the difference in nutritional composition, they will start stocking Selective.”

The survey results remind vets and nurses that it’s important to check the ingredients list and nutritional analysis on labels of the products on offer to veterinary clients, as they may not match the reason for recommendation.  Supreme products are also fixed formula, so clinicians do not need to worry about variability causing digestive upset.

Please contact Supreme Petfoods Ltd on 01473 823296 for further information on the Selective range to ensure the right recipe for rabbit health – a higher fibre, no sugar formulation – is served up to satisfied clients.