Solutions to tackle travel sickness in dogs

Travel sickness in dogs is the latest topic to be tackled by animal health company Zoetis via social media campaign. 

The “Non-Stop Travel Fun” campaign aims to inform dog owners about travel sickness and provide them with a range of solutions to tackle it. Statistics show one in four canines experience travel sickness. Top tips include keeping windows slightly open, taking regular breaks and seeking veterinary advice beforehand.

The campaign will feature a Dog Travel Fun Facebook page, Twitter Chats, blog posts and infographics. Dog owners will be invited to take part in a quiz to identify their dog’s travel personality and encouraged to send in video clips of their travelling dogs to win a weekend away at a dog friendly destination.

Materials will be available to veterinary practices to run their own social media campaigns on the topic and engage their client base on the subject.

Cerenia Marketing Manager Stephanie Smith said: “Despite the scale of the problem we know dog owners won’t necessarily ask their vets for help, so aim of our non-stop travel fun campaign is to encourage people to do just that.”

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