Putting professional animal medicine dosing on a pedestal

An expanded range of precision dosing guns, injectors and treatment accessories for cattle and sheep medicines has been developed by Zoetis.

To help farmers select correct-for-purpose equipment, company vet Andrew Montgomery reports that a growing number of VPS outlets are willing to install purpose-made Treatment Stations on which the full range can be displayed. “Medicine retailers and users alike realise that if the wrong applicator, or indeed a poorly maintained correct one, is used, there’s a risk that the medication’s efficacy may be compromised,” he warns.

The range includes variable dose injectors dispensing up to 2ml, 5ml and 10ml, all compatible with a multi-use needle sterilising accessory. The two smaller models have a bottle-mounted variant as well as tube feed. Pour-on guns are available in 10ml, 25ml and 70ml models, with dial-a-dose adjustment and all tubed with anti-kink springs. A 15ml drenching gun and a cattle bolus applicator complete the set.

The equipment update is a response to feedback from farmers that modern animal medicines require high precision and sanitary administration, according to Mr Montgomery. “It is important to store and maintain equipment properly if it is to continue working effectively,” he says.

“Farmer who truly care about livestock welfare and productivity understand that well-maintained injectors and drench guns, sterile needles and accurate dosing are essential elements of good husbandry. Such farmers use animal medicines to protect what they value, and the professional majority recognise the irresponsibility of dirty or unmaintained equipment and blunt needles.”

To accompany the treatment equipment, Zoetis has also published a leaflet advising farmers and their staff on injection, drenching and pour-on techniques.