ROYAL CANIN® explores neonate and pediatric medicine in latest journal

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ROYAL CANIN® has published a new Veterinary Focus magazine focused on neonate and pediatric medicine. The latest edition of the worldwide journal for companion animal veterinarians, explores topics related specifically to puppies and bitches and is available to download via ROYAL CANIN’s Vet Practice Portal.

This edition includes input from The University of Liverpool’s Hannah Hodgkiss-Geere, who explains how to approach heart murmurs in young puppies, whilst Robert Kennis (Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, USA), examines selected skin disorders in puppies such as impetigo, juvenile cellulitis and scaling.

Further topics include weaning diarrhoea, canine colostrum, caesarean anaesthesiology, parvovirus and the occurrence of congenital conditions in puppies.  A quick guide to intensive care of newborn puppies is co-authored by Renata Azevedo de Abreu and Camila Vannucchi (School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, University of São Paulo, Brazil).

Lee Danks MRCVS, Veterinary Scientific Support Manager for ROYAL CANIN, said: “Puppies and kittens are unique in their needs and particularly sensitive in the first few weeks of life. The following months can also be a crucial time for the young with many still susceptible to several problems. This Veterinary Focus shares the knowledge of many international experts to help clinicians care for their youngest patients, enabling the early identification of problems which will allow for rapid intervention and ultimately lead to increased survival rates.”

Now in its 26th year, Veterinary Focus delves deep into a great number of topics such as GI disorders, obesity, dealing with accidents and emergencies and senior and aging issues. Published quarterly, the journal, is available to view by logging onto ROYAL CANIN’s Vet Practice Portal – The Portal provides an extensive library of resources, including the latest research, webinars and product books.