Royal Canin launches new Renal Diets

Royal Canin Renal Diets


Dogs and cats with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) are twice as likely to show signs of anorexia, food intolerance and loss of appetite than non-CKD pets. To help you manage this in your patients , Royal Canin has launched an innovative range of new renal diets to help support these patients – with a focus on different aromatic profiles, textures and tastes to provide choice and encourage feeding without compromising the nutritional management of the pets with CKD.

Three major determinants of palatability are aroma, texture and flavour – and the new range of renal diets provides a wide array of each, whilst still maintaining a similar nutritional profile, which means different options can be mixed together to expand mealtime choices. Cats can benefit from 19 different taste combinations, whilst dogs can enjoy 15.

Each of the diets in the new Renal range has been developed with a unique aromatic profile, so that cats and dogs can be attracted to their food bowl even after an episode of food aversion. The new range also provides two different textures of dry diet for both cats and dogs. In addition to the classic kibbles found in Renal and Renal Special, the new Renal Select diet for cats has a pillow kibble with a thin, crunchy shell and a soft centre for cats who used to love crunching but are beginning to struggle with harder kibbles. The new kibbles for dogs are designed to be easy to rehydrate, providing the taste of a dry diet in a softer, easier to chew format. A new Renal Wet range is also available with a ‘loaf’ or ‘chunks-in-gravy’ texture and these can be combined with any dry diet to allow even greater variety of textures.

With CKD often causing frequent fluctuations in an animal’s sense of taste, for the first time Royal Canin’s feline range is also available in smaller 500g bags, making it easy and cost effective for owners to swap between the differing options as their pet’s tastes alter.

Royal Canin’s Veterinary Marketing Manager, Marianne Lomberg, explains: “The efficiency of a renal diet depends upon it being fed on a continuing basis and so our new range provides a complete range of aromatic profiles and textures to keep your CKD patients enjoying every meal without compromising on their nutritional management. Royal Canin has a proven track record of developing innovative diets to help pets, and the new Renal Diets are an exciting new move for us.”

As well providing a vast array of taste profiles, the new range from Royal Canin offers all the features you already know from their existing Renal diets: an adapted content of high quality protein to help reduce the pet’s kidney workload, alongside alkalinising agents and antioxidants to help neutralise excess free radicals. The new range launched at the end of October and Royal Canin is confidently offering a ‘patient compliance guarantee’ where vets and their clients can claim their money back if a pet does not like any of the many diet combinations offered by the innovative range.