ROYAL CANIN® launches new mobility product at London Vet Show

ROYAL CANIN® has unveiled a brand new veterinary diet at this year’s London Vet Show. With chronic, secondary joint problems the second most common presenting complaint in dogs¹, the new Mobility C2P+ᵀᴹ provides a breakthrough approach to supporting adult dogs with joint issues.Using three key active compounds Curcumin, Hydrolysed Collagen and Green Tea Polyphenol, the C2P+ᵀᴹ cocktail aims to support joint chondrocytes, the cells most affected in these conditions. As a result, using Mobility C2P+ᵀᴹ has shown visible improvements in mobility, activity and quality of life². Royal Canin Mobility C2P+ Veterinary Diet

Marianne Lomberg, ROYAL CANIN®’s Veterinary Marketing Manager, said: “Mobility problems are common, chronic and irreversible and an estimated 20 per cent of adult dogs over the age of one encounter these conditions. Untreated, a vicious cycle of progressive reduced mobility occurs and the owner sees a reduced ability to exercise and overall interactions with their pet often suffer, which may also cause dogs to become frustrated.

“Our new Mobility CP2+ᵀᴹ is a leap forward in the nutritional management of dogs with mobility issues, combining three key compounds that have a proven track record in modifying the joint environment.”

In support of the new product launch, ROYAL CANIN® also hosted a live roundtable debate at the Show on the multimodal management of cats and dogs with osteoarthritis. The recording of the debate will be available online from Wednesday 2 December, where Lee Danks, Royal Canin’s Veterinary Scientific Support Manager, will be joined by key opinion leaders Alex German, Rob Pettitt and Maria Jose Gomez Sanchez.

Visitors to ROYAL CANIN®’s stand also had the chance to experience a free demonstration of the new NATOM (‘aNATOMical map’) – an interactive educational tool designed to help the entire practice team visualise and explain cat and dog anatomy and disease conditions.