SPVS and VPMA to launch new magazine ‘Practice Life’

The two foremost UK vet business and management associations, SPVS and VPMA have combined efforts to produce a new magazine ‘Practice Life’ to be launched in late September. The editors, vet Stephanie Writer-Davies and practice manager Ian Wolstenholme promise something very fresh and new and, in line with the ethoses of both associations, aim to support those right at the grass roots of the profession.

Ms Writer-Davies commented, ‘When we created the magazine we asked lots of different people within practice – both association members and non-members – what they’d like to see in it. So we’ve built the magazine from the ground up and feel it’s offering exactly what is needed: support for those at the heart of practice with an ethos of sharing and learning together.

‘We wanted to go a step further than just telling people what they should be doing. As a profession we have a wealth of experience to share, and the magazine gives a platform for that sharing. So we’ve included lots of case studies, perspectives from different team members, and examples of best practice. For example, our ‘In the Spotlight’ feature visits a different practice each issue and looks at what makes that practice inspiring and successful, with insights from their whole team. The CPD content of the magazine will be business and management led, but we also have regular sections devoted to well-being in practice, learning’s from our CPD programme, and society news.’

VPMA editor Ian Wolstenholme echoed these sentiments, ‘We wanted the magazine to be very much people-focused as, at the end of the day, it’s the people that make a practice what it is. Our association members tend to be those either involved with running a practice or managing teams as well as those aspiring to such a role, but we wanted to encourage an even wider practice readership so that we can all enjoy and learn from it. So we have something for everyone here – from vets to nurses, receptionists to locums. When we all pull together with the same aim, we can achieve amazing things.’

The print magazine is to be mailed out quarterly to the members of both associations, with a free digital version available to both members and non-members online. An annual mailing, to include the launch issue will go out to a database of all UK practices.

For more information see the magazine website www.practicelife.biz