Support for VPS channel and prescriber’s role from new campaign

A multi-dimensional campaign to support VPS prescribers and SQPs in directing farmers towards appropriate and responsible medicine use has been launched by Zoetis. By prompting farmers to reflect on things they truly value, CYDECTIN® product manager Steve Mead says the ‘#protectwhatyouvalue‘ campaign aims to provoke a combination of emotional and rational thinking about not only what treatments to use, but whether treatment is justified in the first place.

In the farming press, he says high profile advertising will support the role of vets and SQPs in helping customers decide whether a condition or threat should be tackled by medication and, if so, the optimum choice.

“The campaign is designed to support the VPS channel by driving opportunities to provide good customer service towards suppliers and their SQPs,” he says. “Ads will promote the hashtag as a way for Twitter-savvy farmers to give feedback about their use of wormers, flukicides and ectoparasiticides, together with any concerns.

“An important, ‘responsible use‘ dimension will be campaign elements to elevate the importance of dosing equipment choice and maintenance with farmers.”

A dedicated website ( has also been created to provide farmers with behind the scenes information about the animal medicines they use to protect livestock health. According to Steve Mead, this intention to nurture piece of mind and trust that products will perform as intended are key elements of responsible medicine use.

The campaign also involves two editions of a Livestock Health Matters advisory newsletter, for mailing to several thousand farmers encouraging them to seek advice from SQPs and vets about their most pressing cattle and sheep health challenges.

“Just like you wouldn’t use cheap engine oil from an unknown source in a high value car, our aim is to support the same principle in farmers’ minds about their livestock,” says Mr Mead. “Many of today’s cattle and sheep are premium value, high performance machines and deserve the best advice and optimum health protection if they are to fulfil their potential productivity.”