Teamwork for Transition

The second in the series of Elanco free CPD webinars ‘A Veterinary View of Cattle Nutrition’, is scheduled for Tuesday 1st October at 6-7pm. The title will be ‘Teamwork for Transition’, and the aim is to illustrate the importance of the vet and nutritionist working together to support the farmer by integrating health and nutritional management, particular around the transition period. To book a place now, go to

The independent, highly regarded speaker is Hefin Richards of Profeed Nutrition Consultancy, an expert in ruminant nutrition. His company currently works with 12000 high yielding dairy cows from herds ranging from 120 to 800. As well as providing technical excellence, Hefin’s work also involves promoting a multidisciplinary approach to herd management on farm. Health and nutrition overlap in a number of key aspects of the dairy cow’s life, e.g. lameness, fertility, and general metabolic health. However, the transition stage is probably the most critical in terms of ensuring that there is a consistent strategy which is understood and supported by both vet and nutritionist. Hefin will illustrate how lines of communication can be initiated and maintained, and give examples of where good collaborative working has delivered solutions to farmer clients.

The webinars are proving to be enormously popular, with over 600 vets registering for the series already. The first webinar, which was held on 3rd September, was given by Finbar Mulligan, from University College Dublin. Finbar gave a comprehensive, in-depth talk on the direct disease consequences of inappropriate transition cow nutrition and the indirect consequences that extend well into the following lactation. He discussed the practical approach to vets’ involvement in planning nutrition and the key parameters of disease and nutrition to monitor. The final talk of the series is with Finbar Mulligan on 12th November. To book a place to see the second and third webinars, and get access to a recording of the first one, go to

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