Vet Nurse Jamie celebrates as she wins smart wheels at BVNA


“I can’t believe I’ve won!” was the recurring phrase from one astounded vet nurse as she was presented with a brand new smart car, courtesy of Hill’s Pet Nutrition at BVNA congress. Jamie Gregson, RVN at Scarsdale Veterinary Group, couldn’t hide her disbelief as her name was called out as the grand prize winner of Hill’s Drive Nutrition Competition 2013 and she was ushered on stage to be awarded her prize.

Jamie’s shock was immediately apparent when her name was announced, along with amazed murmurs of, “Did she really just win an actual car?!” which were heard from members of the crowd who had gathered for the announcement.  Jamie was delighted to have already won an all-expenses-paid trip to the congress in Telford and was completely oblivious that she was also the lucky winner of the car. Thanks to Hill’s champagne reception, all onlookers were well prepared to toast Jamie as she made her way eagerly over to take a closer look at her shiny new wheels.

The Drive Nutrition Competition encouraged nurses to earn points by completing an array of fun tasks, all with the aim of highlighting the importance of top-notch nutritional advice for every pet, which vet nurses are integral in providing thousands of nurses across the UK and Ireland took part, getting involved in everything from online games and quizzes to trivia questions, in order to earn those precious points. The more points accumulated, the higher the chance of winning as each point represented an entry into the prize draw. However, a nurse with just a single point could have won, so the grand prize really was anyone’s for the taking.

She may not have been top of the leader board but Jamie believes that logging on regularly and getting involved in all the events and tasks that Hill’s had to offer throughout the year really paid off, “It was so much fun playing all of the games online that I completed at least one task on most days – it only takes a few minutes and I also learnt tons of useful information that is actually really useful in consults.” As the cameras flashed and congratulations flowed, Jamie couldn’t wait to share her good news, “My boyfriend is not going to believe me when I tell him, especially because my current car is always breaking down – it’s just too good to be true.”

Adrian Pratt, Head of Veterinary Channel, UK and Ireland for Hill’s Pet Nutrition, was delighted to make the announcement and present the keys, “Vet nurses’ hard work, dedication and enthusiasm make such a massive difference to the lives of people and their pets, so we, at Hill’s, feel honoured to be able to give something back today. We couldn’t have hoped for a more worthy winner and are delighted to be able to present Jamie with this car. We all hope that she gets a huge amount of enjoyment from it – she has earned it!”

Next year’s Drive Nutrition competition plans are already underway and Jamie is already looking forward to taking part, “I never thought in a million years that I would win but here I am! I’ll definitely be taking part again next year – there’s literally no reason for any nurse not to enter. It’s really fun, you learn loads and there are so many prizes to win as well as the car!” Vet nurses can get involved by visiting or where they can also gain access to a whole host of online resources. There are still lots of great prizes up for grabs in this years’ Drive Nutrition competition which ends 30th November 2013 so make sure you don’t miss out.