Vetoquinol Launches Updated Website for Canine Pain

Vetoquinol is delighted to announce the launch of its updated website has been developed to provide reliable online information about pain in dogs to cater for the increasing needs of pet owners and vets.

The website has two sections. The first is a pet owner focused, educational tool which takes the visitor on a journey through the process of pain; from spotting the signs of pain all the way through to ways of relieving pain, culminating in the recommendation that the visitor seeks advice from their veterinary practice.

The second section requires registration as it contains more in depth information on the pain process and potential treatment options available, this section is for veterinary professionals only. Also on this section of the website there are many scientific abstracts related to pain and treatment with links to enable the veterinary visitor can view this peer reviewed material.

Robert Simpson, Product Manager for Cimalgex, a NSAID for dogs comments, “The internet is a very powerful tool in terms of increasing education, especially in areas such as canine pain. Unfortunately there can also be a lot of misinformation online and so we felt it was important for Vetoquinol to try and redress the balance by producing This can be used as a reliable and up to date resource by pet owners and veterinary professionals alike. is a very interactive site which aims to demystify the pain treatment process, ensure pet owners look out for behavioural signs of pain and looks to improve overall canine health with assistance from their veterinary practice. We hope that this will be a valuable resource to which vets can refer their pet owners.”

For further information please visit or please contact Vetoquinol directly.