Vets4Pets shakes up out-of-hours service

Vets4Pets has launched an ambitious 24/7 pilot scheme in Essex. The firm’s Rayleigh practice is now offering out-of-hours and emergency care at no extra cost to clients, with two more practices poised to join the trail in Sussex and Bournemouth.Kirsty Bridger is a joint venture partner at the Rayleigh pratice. 

She said: ” we are all very excited about this new service. i would say this is a bit of a revolution as this has not been tried before, it is a different take on things and, if it works, I think others will follow suit. What we are offering is different because this is a real 24-hour practice open for business 24-hours a day. There are no surcharges for out-of-hours; we are open for routine procedures and emergencies 24 hours a day.” 

Vets4Pets claims its new offering will make it easier for clients to get appointments and increase the accessibility of overnight and emergency care to pets. Under the new scheme the 24/7 practices will have extended general consultation times up until 10pm with clients able to drop pets off early in the morning rather than having to wait until traditional practices open.