Video Series for those starting out

The first of the five online videos, designed for recent graduates and veterinary students planning a career in practice, has been launched by Presented by John Sheridan, the video tell viewers hot to take control of their practice careers.

Mr Sheridan says that many graduates who have embarked in a career in practice in the last few years are feeling frustrated, angry and concerned about their future.

“They planned to be successful clinicians, caring for animals, looking after clients, enjoying a comfortable work/lifestyle balance and earning a good salary. But too many report that they receive little or no support from the practice, they’re worried about communicating with clients who don’t always accept their advice, they think they’re working too long and too hard and their income is nowhere near what they think they are worth”.


He adds that ” if the job isn’t working out well for the graduates, the situation is even worse for their employer and potentially a disaster for the business”.

The first video in the series is freely available online and can be seen at