Virbac announces the return of Ovarid

Virbac Ovarid Packshot

Ovarid© from Virbac is back in stock following the resolution of a manufacturing problem.  The megestrol acetate tablets are indicated for the postponement or prevention of oestrus and the treatment of hypersexuality in male dogs.  In cats they are recommended for the prevention or postponement of oestrus and the treatment of miliary dermatitis and eosinophilic granulomata.

As it is relied upon by the owners of many cats suffering from miliary eczema, since the outage began in February, Virbac has worked to ensure that their welfare is not compromised by recalling unused Ovarid stock from practices to ensure that it could still be provided to those contacting them with emergency cases.

Senior Product Manager Chris Geddes MRCVS commented:  “I’d like to express my thanks to practices for bearing with us and particularly to those which returned unused product.  This meant that we were able to supply emergency supplies for the treatment of miliary eczema to every practice that asked for it. We also managed to help out some zoos which needed supplies for frisky sea lions and lions.

We’re delighted that it is now back in stock as part of our reproduction range which includes Ypozane©, a non-invasive solution to BPH; Suprelorin©, the subcutaneous implant for the induction of temporary infertility in dogs and ferrets and Alizin© for the termination of pregnancy in bitches.”

Ovarid is available in 20mg and 5mg tablets.