Virbac offers Support to TOLFA

A TOLFA education project.

Virbac has donated 50 slip leads and 10 bottles of Microbex, its shampoo for the treatment of Malassezia, to Tree of Life for Animals (TOLFA), an Indian-based charity founded by a British vet nurse Rachel Wright.  Based in rural Rajasthan, it provides an essential source of free veterinary care for local farmers and the hundreds of sick and injured strays in the region 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Vet nurse Paulette Hamilton, who  volunteers for TOLFA, commented:  “Our volunteers are allocated around eight dogs to walk every morning around the TOLFA compound before treatment and surgery start so the slip leads are invaluable.  They also enable the volunteers to build relationships with the dogs and get to know them so they can cater for their individual needs and likes, not just their medical treatment.  The shampoos are also very helpful because so many of the dogs we care for suffer from skin conditions.”

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