Virbac Suprelorin Donation helps Puma Triplets in Bolivia

Virbac has donated a supply of its medical castration implant Suprelorin® to help female adult puma triplets living in an animal refuge in Bolivia.  The animals, Inti, Wara and Yassi, were rescued by Bolivian NGO, Communidad Inti Wara Yassi (CIWY) when their mother was killed by poachers.  They were just two months old, in poor health and suffering from epilepsy.

Thanks to the care of CIWY volunteers, they are now healthy adults but still suffer from epilepsy which becomes more of a risk when they are on heat.  The danger is increased again during the wet season because much of their enclosure floods, leading to a risk that they could fall from one of their platforms or high walkways during a fit and drown in the water below.

Thanks to the donation from Virbac, vets caring for the triplets now plan to implant them with Suprelorin which will stop them going into heat, reducing the risk of them suffering an epileptic fit.

Suprelorin is a slow-release implant containing the gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist deslorelin. Once injected under the skin, the continuous low release of deslorelin from the implant causes an interruption of the HPA circuit, leading to a reduction in LH/ FSH levels and therefore sex hormone production.

Senior Product Manager Chris Geddes MRCVS said “Suprelorin is licensed for the induction of temporary infertility in male dogs and ferrets, but we are often made aware of its off-label use in exotic species. This is the first time I have heard of it being used in pumas!”

Jon Cassidy from CIWY in the UK comments:  “Thanks to Virbac’s generous donation, Inti, Wara and Yassi will soon no longer go into heat.  This will help to reduce the likelihood of an epileptic fit and will, in particular, reduce the grave consequences to them of suffering a fit during the wet season.

We’re very grateful to them for supporting our work and giving these three wonderful animals an enhanced quality of life.”

CIWY is made up of Bolivian professionals, young people and volunteers from across the globe.  A pioneer of the environmental movement in Bolivia, it is recognized nationally and internationally for founding centres devoted to the rescue and rehabilitation of vulnerable wildlife.

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