VPIS links up with Vetstream

The Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) has announced a collaboration with online content supplier Vetstream to develop a series of ten CPD modules covering the most common types of poisoning to animals.  The modules will be hosted on Vetacademy, a Vetstream service which provides e-learning modules and online videos in partnership with some of the world’s leading veterinary CPD providers.

The VPIS provides a subscription-based 24-hour advice service for veterinary professionals on the diagnosis and management of poisoned animals.  It also publishes reviews and reports using data collected from poison enquiries; performs toxicosurveillance and teaches at universities and veterinary colleges.  The online CPD poison modules it is developing for Vetacademy include:

  • Ibuprofen and other NSAIDS
  • Metaldehyde
  • Adder/Vipera berus spp
  • Xylitol
  • Vitamin D and analogues

Each module will be around one hour long and will include self-assessment testing using case studies and multiple choice questions.  Delegates receiving the required pass mark will be entitled to download a VPIS-branded certificate.

Vetstream’s clinical reference services, Canis, Felis, Lapis and Equis, provide the world’s largest online source of peer reviewed point-of-care veterinary content and, with the launch of Vetacademy, it has moved into online continuing education.Eugene Hil

Commenting, Eugene Hill, VPIS Business Manager, said:  “This is an exciting moment for us as we are now able to offer our colleagues easy access to specific modules covered in our highly successful class-based CPD course.  We aim to constantly increase awareness of animal poisonings and to improve the treatment of poisoned animals. Providing this training is key and the collaboration with Vetstream brings with it the company’s support and experience in making online CPD work well.”

Dr G Mark Johnston, Managing Director of Vetstream (www.vetstream.com), adds:  “With VPIS staff responding to more than 15,000 enquiries a year it’s clear that treating animals which have been poisoned is an all too regular challenge for veterinary professionals.


Much of the toxicology content available on Vetstream’s clinical reference services, Canis, Felis Lapis and Equis has come from the VPIS so our link up means that subscribers will benefit from access to the ‘point of care’ information about poison cases through our reference services whilst also being able to enhance their understanding of how different poisons impact their victims through the modules and videos available on Vetacademy.  We’re delighted to be working with the VPIS on this series of CPD modules which we’re sure will be very popular.

For further information on the VPIS and Vetacademy, visit www.vpisuk.co.uk and www.vetacademy.co.uk.