Weather Warning for Livestock Owners

cowsVeterinary association are leading calls for livestock and horse owners to take precautionary measures to protect their animals from flooding following weather warnings.

This comes after the BVA Voice of the Veterinary Profession survey 2015-16 revealed 33 per cent of vets working with livestock or horses had clients who lost stock due to flooding last winter.

Together with the Sheep Veterinary Society, BCVA, BEVA and Goat Veterinary Society, the BVA is advising owners to ensure their animals are kept out of harm’s way in areas where flooding warning are in place, and to take extra caution if livestock are usually kept near a river. The BVA has also reminded owners that flooded and muddy fields pose health and welfare hazards for livestock.

BVA president Gudrun Ravetz said: “Thinking ahead and having a contingency in place is a wise move for a hard-pushed livestock farmers and we’re encouraging all large animal owners to be vigilant this winter – particular where the are flood warning in place.”

If the weather conditions become too hazardous, the BC, along with other veterinary associations, suggest moving livestock to sheltered areas closer to home – not only to keep animals dry, but to ensure owners stay safe themselves by avoiding trips out in dangerous conditions.

After floodwater recedes, the BVA advises owners t inspect pastures and streams for potentially hazardous plants or other material that may have been deposited.